Meet John Prince

Meet John Prince: Leading the Charge at Teesside Branch for Park Electrical
We are thrilled to introduce our new Branch Manager at Park Electrical’s Teesside location, Mr. John Prince. With a wealth of experience in the electrical industry spanning 25 years, John brings a dynamic energy and a rich background that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of our Teesside branch.

A Journey within Park:
Curious about John’s journey with Park Electrical? He joined the Park family in October 2017, initially taking on the role of Internal Sales. However, it didn’t take long for John’s dedication and talent to shine through, earning him a well-deserved promotion to Assistant Branch Manager at our Sunderland location in 2018. Fast forward to September 2023, and John proudly stepped into his current role as Branch Manager at Teesside.

The Attraction to Park’s Unique Environment:
When asked about what drew him to Park initially, John emphasised the brilliant working environment Park provides for its staff. He had heard about it from friends working here and was willing to take a step down in his career to be a part of the Park family. The decision quickly proved to be the right one, as he was promoted within six months of joining.

Teesside’s Charm:
What does John enjoy most about the Teesside branch? According to him, it’s the fantastic team and their dedication to success. The staff at Teesside have embraced his suggestions to elevate the branch’s success, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Additionally, John appreciates the warm welcome from the diverse customer base, and he looks forward to building lasting relationships with both customers and staff.

Branch Manager Aspirations:
Becoming a Branch Manager at Park has been a long-standing goal for John since he entered the industry. Now that he’s achieved this milestone, his focus is on making the Teesside branch as successful as it can be. With the support of his dedicated team, John is confident that there’s no goal too ambitious for them to reach.

A Quarter Century of Industry Expertise:
John’s employment background is nothing short of impressive. With 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, he started from the ground up, working his way from an apprenticeship in the warehouse to serving on the trade counter and advancing into internal sales. His journey includes years as an assistant manager, and it’s at Park where he found the opportunity to become a Branch Manager, a role he wholeheartedly embraces.

Freshness, Ideas, and a Can-Do Attitude:
What does John bring to Teesside? A refreshing perspective, new ideas, and an unwavering positive can-do attitude. With a firm belief in building on the fantastic foundation already present at Teesside, John aims to inject renewed energy into the branch and steer it towards even greater success.

Park Electrical is proud to have John at the helm of the Teesside branch, and we’re confident that his leadership will contribute significantly to the continued growth and prosperity of our organisation. Join us in welcoming John to his new role and wishing him and the Teesside team all the success in their endeavours.

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