About Us

Park Electrical Distributors has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the wholesale industry. As the largest privately-owned wholesaler in the North East, we are focused on delivering the very best in service, value and quality. With an adaptive and forward-thinking company ethos we ensure that we meet our customer needs in every aspect of electrical wholesale, supply and solution based services.

One of our biggest strengths is the knowledge and experience held within our Lighting Design department, covering all aspects of the industry, adding real value to our core services. Park Electrical Distributors is the ideal choice for both small and large-scale projects which require all types of solutions.

Our Specialist Services

Electrical Wholesale

At Park Electrical Distributors we have access to the latest products on the market, fast dispatch times and competitive pricing. We can supply all your electrical / project needs. With unparalleled technical support contact our sales team today.

Park Lighting Design

The Park Lighting Design division works closely with our partners including architects, M&E consultants and electrical contractors, to deliver fully compliant lighting projects, on-time, on-budget and with outstanding results.

My KNX Store

My KNX Store, a subsidiary of Park Electrical, is a leading independent supplier of KNX components. With unparalleled customer service and technical support, we can provide you with industry leading KNX products for your project, no matter the size.


With a wealth of experience, our team at Park Electrical, can craft unique mechanical and electrical solutions, addressing and mitigating the costly challenges often encountered on-
site. Trust us for customised solutions that not only streamline your operations but also reduce on-site labour, enhancing overall productivity.

Project Operations

Logistics is a crucial component of the Park package. Our expertise in the electrical wholesale industry enables us to understand your needs and facilitate a seamless project for
you. Acting as an intermediary with various manufacturers, we eliminate project stress and ensure optimal efficiency throughout.

Our Team

Ian Aitchison

Managing Director

Simon Mooney

Managing Director – Projects

Craig Hopwood

Sales Director

Bridget Harold

Finance Director

Tony Arena

Projects Manager

Glen Jaworski

Sales Manager Core

Karl Snowden

Sales Manager Lighting

Paul Watson

Design Manager

Glen Charman

Senior Purchasing Manager

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